$1,000,000 Stratocaster


Fender showed off its Faberge’ Pine Cone Stratocaster – aka the million dollar guitar – at this week’s NAMM Show in Anaheim. The Strat was modelled after a Faberge’ Pine Cone Easter egg, originally crafted for the Czar in 1900. It started with a single piece maple body and bird’s eye maple neck. 550 diamonds were hand-embedded into the body to make them level with the surface. Each “scale" is gilded with silver and 18K gold. 10 feet of 18K gold wire was inlaid into the fretboard. All metal hardware is hand-engraved and gold plated. The custom knobs also have diamonds on them. The design was done by Yuriy Shishkov, a master builder in Fender’s Custom Shop. The asking price for those with extra cash is said to be a flat million bucks. And it comes with a matching jewelled Faberge’ egg.


I’d definitely buy that if I were a billionaire. :sunglasses:


Meh, gold hardware :roll_eyes:


I forgot, you do have that “gold” quirk. It doesn’t bother me. :neutral_face:


Mmmmm, silver and gold


WHAAAAT? Not relic’ed??? Not worth the price then.