3D audio recording


Pretty neat.

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That was great. You know this will give the gaming world a whole new experience.


Gaming has been doing 3D positional audio forever.

The problem there is different however, because it’s not a static scene, you have to compute the environment acoustics in realtime (basically 3D reverb). So using a binaural microphone wouldn’t help at all.

This is the state of the art on the gaming world:


Well I’m addicted to VR. I can’t wait for the next gen stuff as I’m loving the PS4 VR and I know it’s a bit pixelated. But the audio sounds really good as is right now


I don’t know. Seems gimmicky. I’d like to see it recorded with a good pair of normal mics. The mannequin head just doesn’t seem necessary. There’s an entire generation that’s grown up listening to shitty MP3s through crappy earbuds. Now they’re easily impressed with any kind of realistic stereo image. Wait’ll they get a load of the bunk the “audiophiles” peddle.


Like Vinyl? hehehe It’s had a huge resurgence…