A Few of My Favorite Shredders


These guitarists rock. They must feed them guitar strings as babies and then whole guitars when they get old enough to digest them.

I follow around a couple of teen drum prodigies (Kanade Sato & Senri Kawaguchi) who are incredible and these are a few musicians they work with that I like. One of the reasons I follow those girls around is that they have some of the best mixed videos to play through my sound system. Not to mention it is truly fun to watch them perform.

Blind Guitar Monster Hiroaki Tagawa / Senri Kawagouchi

Watch Out The Bumps Hiroaki Tagawa / Senri Kawagouchi

Scatterbrain / Senri Kawagouchi / Hiroaki Tagawa session at BeeHive

And another Monster Guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto


Stratus (Billy Cobham) by Senri Kawaguchi and 3 Maestros


Even the last video (Stratus) didn’t impress anyone? I thought for sure you guys would dig this stuff. I listen to that one several times a day and never get tired of the guitar magic.


That’s pretty cool!

We usually just put them in this thread: http://guitarlogic.org/forum/index.php?topic=11701.msg151793#new


Can you transplant them for me if you would? Those are some monster pickers in all 4 links. The blind guy is fun to watch.