Acoustic String Pin Seating


All these years of owning acoustic guitars, I never knew that I was seating the ball end wrong. I asked in the Gear Page if a little lift of the pin was normal and got a nice lesson in how it’s supposed to be set.


I never knew that, either. Why don’t they just make 'em like that to begin with?


No idea man. But I’m gonna bend my string ends from now on.


I just do what the Taylor tech guy does:


That’s a great video! Thanks. Now I want to do a string change and buy and electric winder. :slight_smile:


I’ve always rubbed the pin end on sandpaper to create that bevel on the first string change.


I never liked end pins as I’ve never understood them. It makes sense now but I used to prefer the Ovation style bridges where you strung it through like an electric bridge.


I never understood why you need end pins I also liked the Ovation style bridge I had 2 Ovations, and they were my favorite acoustic guitars. I liked the deep bowl Ovation Balladeer I had over the shallow bowl Ovation Legend which I bought years later. Both had the string through bridge without penetrating the top.