Acwild's gear purge


Continuing the discussion from Ritchie Kotzen Tele:

What gear did you get rid of?

I recall you had some of these things

  • Marshall Yngwie amp
  • A Mesa V5 amp?
  • Ernie Ball Petrucci guitars
  • Fender Yngwie guitar


Oh boy…
I actually bought another YJM guitar but it’s already sold. :slight_smile:
Last month, I was out on medical leave because gout is now a thing in my life. Since I had time off, I decided to do some spring cleaning like I was gonna move homes. I’m not moving, but I wanted to do a deep cleaning.

Amps I sold;

  • Marshall DSL1
  • Marshall DSL40C
  • Splawn Super Sport
  • Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister
  • Mesa Mini Rec
  • GR Amps Plexi Clone (Loud af!!!)
  • Mesa Mark V
  • Marshall YJM
  • PWE Event Horizon 3
  • Bogner 20th Anniversary Shiva with reverb
  • Bogner XTC
  • Bad Cat Re-amplifier

Hmm… Probably a bunch more that I can’t recall.


Guitars that I went through;

  • Two YJMs - One was a red with a rosewood board, the other was white with a maple board.
  • Les Paul Futura
  • Les Paul Standard
  • Les Paul Traditional
  • Les Paul 60’s Tribute
  • Les Paul Axcess (I miss that one)
  • EBMM JP11
  • EBMM PDM Axis
  • Fender Am Deluxe Tele
  • Fender Am Deluxe Strat
  • Ibanez JS
  • PRS Singlecut
  • PRS CE-24
  • PRS SE single cut
  • Peavey Wolfgang
  • EBMM JP7
  • Fender Squire hollow body Tele
  • Taylor GA 300

And a bunch more that I can’t remember…


Wow that’s a lot of gear.
So what are you left with then?

And sorry to hear about the gout. I hope it’s manageable.


Yeah, I didn’t realize how much I had until I started to list them. I better hide this thread from my wife. :smile:


Gout sux! I’m on meds for it so I hope it’s manageable. This is all new to me still.

The gear I have now are…


  • Schecter C-1 Apocalypse (with sustainiac and ss frets, upgraded Floyd)
  • Suhr Modern Carved Top
  • Les Paul R8
  • PRS 408 hard tail
  • Ritchie Kotzen Tele
  • Traveler Guitar
  • Taylor 12-string
  • Martin HD-28
  • Fender Geddy Lee Jazz bass

Amps (down to two!)

  • Friedman Small Box through a Bogner OS212 cab with a V30 and a Creamback
  • Mesa Mark V25 through a Mini Rec cab

Pedalboard One:

  • 2 Eventide H9s and a Xotic Wah

Pedalboard Two:

  • Dunlop Mini wah (love that thing!)
  • MXR EVH Flanger
  • MXR EVH Phaser
  • EHX Canyon Echo
  • Digitech FreqOut
  • Suhr Jack Rabbit tremolo (f’in cool pedal!)
  • Strymon El Capistan
  • MXR Chorus
  • Xotic SP compressor
  • Tod’s Retro Rocket vibe
  • Line 6 G55 wireless
  • And a TC vocal harmonizer that follows my guitar chords.

I still have a bunch of other stuff but they rarely get pulled out of the pedal drawer.
In my selling spree, I must have sold at least twenty pedals.


What are you playing now, Bert?


Nice! That’s still a sizeable collection.


It is, and I’m still selling gear off. But one thing I can say for sure, I know exactly what I like and don’t like now. The gear that I have now is what I want and there’s nothing that I’ve been in the market for.


I haven’t bought anything in quite a while, I’ve been contempt with it.

My gear collection is:

  • Axe-Fx II
  • Atomic CLR Active cabs
  • Gibson Les Paul 60’s tribute
  • Ibanez JS1000
  • Carvin DC127C
  • Schecter Solo6 Custom
  • Schecter Hellraiser
  • Carvin Bolt
  • Taylor GA4 Acoustic
  • Kawai VPC1 Piano controller

Actually I did put in a new Original Floyd Rose in my Carvin DC127C
and I installed Hallow Points on it


My son just bought a Schecter Hellraiser used. That thing sustains forever! Schecters were never on my radar until I saw the Apocalypse with ss frets and a Sustainiac. Man, they are great guitars! I know my son won’t admit that he got his because of mine. Twat.


I have one…with a sustainiac. Even without the sustainiac, it’s a great guitar. With it, it’s insane.


Nice! It’s funny, that guitar doesn’t need a sustainiac. It’s got an insane amount naturally.
I mainly bought it because a band that I was auditioning for wanted me to do “Possum Kingdom” That lead has so much sustain that I couldn’t replicate it without one.


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