Amplifire 12


It seems they revamped their editor and improved their firmware, it sounds pretty good in this review:

Looks great for the price ($599)


Looks very interesting, and not too pricey either. I was just thinking today I might look for a modeler just so I do not have to carry a big amp out with me, something I could plug into the PA, or some powered monitors and have at it. Instead of a pedal-board, amp, and a bunch of wires. That one looks very cool.


I wish Rabea and Danish Pete would do all the videos for Andertons.

$599 seems like an incredible deal! Line 6 just came out with a Helix HX stomp at about the same price point. I think the Amplifire is the better deal, though.


The AA is a great unit, but I can’t recommend Atomic as a company. On their forums, there are a bunch of people with all different types of problems that actually require customer service, not just user error.

Another reason I can’t recommend them is how they basically deprecated the AA3 without letting the AA3 owners know. They found out, in a firmware update, basically telling them that the new features in the AA6 and AA12 are not compatible with the AA3. Pretty shitty move on their part. A little warning would have been nice, at least for the forum members.


What’s the difference between the AA6 and AA12? Just the number of buttons? It doesn’t look like either has a digital recording out either-just analog outs to whatever interface you have already.


Same price range.

Mooer has a GE300 supposedly coming out around the holidays that does profiling at around $500-$600.


AX8 is on special now at $1100.

Pete thorn demoing the head rush is a big deal right? Doesn’t he say he won’t demo a new thing if he doesn’t like it feature wise and sonically?


The thing about Pete Thorn demoing anything is that it’s no indication of what it might sound like in the hands of a mere mortal :grinning: He always makes everything sound like a million bucks.

He had a demo of the original, full size Headrush, too a while back. So he must not hate them.


Yes 6 extra buttons.

There is a slight difference between the 3 and the 6/12. The 6/12 have updated memory to handle more features. That’s what happened with the latest firmware. AA3 users were left out in the cold.


Evidently, Atomic really screwed the AA3 users. Their forums are filled with users having problems with the latest software. Glad I jumped ship when I did.


Amplifire 12 is $500 for Black Friday/cyber Monday


Man, the Eleven Rack is $199. I’m thinking about giving it another shot. Maybe I wrote it off too hastily before. Fooled me twice…:thinking:

Also, Mercurial Spark is only $60. That may be the best Marshall sim plugin out there


If you do, I still have those presets :slight_smile:


Hi…What is this thing? I am not sure whether to be interested or not. The initial web page is not helpful in that regard and I am a bit lazy to chase all over the internet to find out. Is it one of the new small pedal amps for guitar?



The top post has a link AND a video showing the pedal, and it’s functions extensively