Andy Timmons "Electric Gypsy"


I’m still trying to learn this one.


Nice playing, good taste.


Another guy that has stellar tone and chops.


Just saw him the other day @ Gearfest. Awesome show-Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Greg Koch, Carl Verheyen, Jennifer Batten, Andy Timmons, Steve Stevens!


That gearfest sounds amazing! I’m finding myself buying from Sweetwater a lot these days. What a cool store!


What are you using for a tab? this looks pretty close.


No tabs, I’m watching him play and seeing where he puts his hands. There’s also a Rush YYZ video with Alex Lifeson close ups. After seeing how he actually plays it, I realized that I was playing it differently and making it a bit harder than it should be. So watching AT will help me with the nuances.

Gotta love YouTube!