Another Paul Gilbert lesson



Big time cool.




Hey! I was there!
Sweetwater does these free shows every now and then. It was pretty cool, He played a lot of stuff you wouldn’t expect Paul Gilbert to play-Blues and Classic Rock songs. In between songs he’d give tips, advice and share stories. A lot of people were disappointed that he didn’t do a meet and greet after the show. Most of the other artists do that. Lots of guys had guitars and tab books for him to sign, but he flew outta there after the show like his ass was on fire. Oh well.
If you’re ever passing through this area it’s worth it to stop in at Sweetwater. The place is like Disneyworld for musicians. Gearfest is particularly amazing-I’ve seen Paul Reed Smith and Andy Timmons just strolling around looking at gear right along with all the other customers.




That’s great Tod!

For free! Lucky!