Anybody in Canada?


Good deal on a 50’s Tribute SG

I don’t know if they ship to the States, but $399 is pretty hard to beat!


That is a nice deal. Shows around 600 everywhere else.


We knew a guy from Canada once…


Don’t they ship to U.S.?


I don’t think they do. I wonder if Sweetwater would match the price, though?


Can’t find any Canadians because they are all “spocking” their money


That’s awesome! :thumbsup:


I spoke with a friend of mine that lives in Canada, and he said you have 2 options (since he’s not willing to be the go-between)

1 - There are companies that will act as a go-between, where you have the item shipped to them, and they ship it to you.

2 - Future Shop is owned by Best Buy, so you might be able to buy it from them.


here is the Best Buy link:


Wow, check out the difference in this guitar–50s-Tribute-Electric-Guitar-108572462-i2800860.gc

If I wasn’t picking up my new car tomorrow, I’d jump on it.


George!!! Where are you??? We need shipping support :slight_smile: