AtmoSynth Sim patch


I just found this great patch called AtmoSynth Sim (it was included in freemen patch banks).

It’s a couple of synths controllable by an expression pedal so one can switch between 2 chords…

This is recorded with one patch one take, no overdubs…I can noodle for hours on this thing… :oops:


Cool. :thumbsup: That’s similar to what you can do with the GR-55. With the GR, you can set the E string (and A if you want) to synth sounds (or chords), then play kick ass tones over them on the other strings.


THAT was very cool!


Really cool! Reminded me of a movie soundtrack or something. Very nice :thumbsup:


Awesome! How does the pedal control the chords?


I do something similar to this with the GR-20…play a Gm chord, then step on the “Hold” button, and I can jam the intro to “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” for hours. The only trick is in order to change chords, you need to sneak the next chord into your playing, and step on the hold button again.


My fingers are raw just from playing on that patch.

There’s two synth blocks in the patch, they generate their own signal at the frequencies you program. Ext1 controller is attached to the shift control in the blocks, where you can specify the min and max shift so you get two chords.

Then with another parallel layout and amp, can and spacious reverb to noodle for hours.

There’s other patches that do that in the Axe-Fx too, that’s pretty cool too, as you can play a chord and run it through a bunch of blocks that make it sound like a synth pad, then rock the expression pedal, the sound is held and a you transition into a lead sound to noodle, pretty nice too.


That is very cool! :thumbsup: What Amp model is that?


I think it’s the Friedman hbe


Figures. That is my favorite amp model. Sounds great!