AX8? Seems to be an floor version of the Axe-Fx


I'll just say a few things:

It is not an Axe-Fx. It won’t be able to do two amps or two cabs. It won’t have things like the Vocoder and other esoteric blocks. It’s a stripped down floor version at an aggressive price.

It will have G3 modeling and user IR slots. It has two dual-core DSPs, one for amp modeling the other for effects. These DSPs are slower than the ones in the Axe-Fx so it won’t be able to do two instance of amps.

There will be block compatibility between the Axe-Fx and the AX-8 meaning you can copy blocks from your Axe-Fx presets into the AX-8.

It has USB, XLR outs for FOH, 1/4 outputs for local monitoring and an FX loop. Four expression pedal inputs. AC powered, no wall-wart.




The only thing (and I mean only) that I don’t like about this idea is playing with it in a bar. Countless times I’ve had people spill beer, acting like idiots falling over the floor wedges onto the stage etc. I feel much better having my $$$ rig safely tucked up next the drum set behind me. But man, how nice would it be to pull this thing out of a small gym bag, plug a XLR cable into it and be done.


So is this thing any good? I haven’t heard much about it.


The claim is it sounds just like the Axe-FX II (it’s the same algorithms so it should)


Cool, thanks!