Axe-Fx 2 Friedman Smallbox Test


Just messing around with the Friedman Smallbox amp model, using the OwnHammer 212 BOG-OS IRs

I used a Schecter Solo6 Custom, which has a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom SH-11 bridge pickup.

AC already did the hard work of weeding gear out… I’m capitalizing on his gear selection :blush:

Friedman Small Box 50

Sounds great! Tasty licks and tone.
The Bogner OS 212 usually comes loaded with V30s. Did you make sure that you got a Creamback in one side? This cab is the 2x12 that sounds like a 4x12. I love it!
I turn the presence up a bit depending on the guitar I use. It’ll bring back some of the top end clarity without biting your head off. Your tone sounds wonderful, I’m just giving you a little insight into how I run the amp.


Thanks man :blush:

The IR pack has both V30 and G12M-25 plus mixes of both. I chose a mix from the quickstart folder.

Where do you usually keep the other knobs at? I have them pretty much default here in the model except for a tiny bit of presence.


Another test, pure naked amp. Increased the presence to around 3’oclock, left all other knobs at noon, but choose a different set of IRs from the OwnHammer 212 BOG-OS set.


Very nice tone and excellent playing. Good work amigo…


That sounds 100% convincing. I would’ve never guessed that was a model if you hadn’t said so.


Thanks Dave!

Hey Tod made it back :ok_hand:


Much better with the presence turned up! The blanket has been removed. :slight_smile:
Where the knobs are set is usually dependent on which guitar that I’m using… Generally speaking the amp and cab combo is very bass heavy, so I tend to roll the bass down to about 10 o’clock. If I feel that the bottom end gets a bit flubby, I tend to trim off bass until it’s tight, so it’s not a position thing as much as an ear thing.

Miss I move from around noon to 1 or 11 o’clock. Treble around 1 o’clock. The amp is really simple to dial in to taste, which is why I love it.

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