Axe-Fx II Firmware 5


Hey I/O gives us some clips!

How does it sound to you? Any noticeable improvements? Or mostly subtle?


I’ll throw together a clip tonight. I only got about 45 minutes to mess with it last night through speakers (then 2 hours through headphones :oops:). Yes, a noticeable difference. Hard to describe, but it took it even further in the clarity department. And my clean AC30TB preset… good God it’s beyond sweet now. Punchy, sparkly, delicious. High gain seems to have much better speaker behavior. Instead of just sounding like a speaker, it reacts like a speaker. All the little subtle things like squeeks and blips if you know what I mean.


He means it’s more amp-like again. :smile: :popcorn:


Bzzzzt!! Wrong!! It sounds more like a pumpkin now :neutral_face:

Alright, here ya go. Sorry in advance… it’s 8 minutes plus :oops: I was playing really REALLY loud and just couldn’t help myself. Volume is all over the place because I haven’t had a chance to tweak since the update.


sounds great buddy. How do your neighbors like the update? :rofl:


The one at 6:29 to 6:33, just before Metallica…what was that?


Thanks :slight_smile: they told me I’m number 1, so they must like it :smile:


It was the Diezel model


I liked the Eric Johnson-y tones around 8:00. I could almost feel the pounds melting away :thumbsup:


:smile: I’ve taken dumps that weighed almost as much as him :skull_and_crossbones:

Glad you likey. You gotta hear it in my studio through 4 monitors in stereo :astonished:


I already have tinnitus…


Great samples! My favorite sound is the cleans at the very beginning. Lots of character in there. I could never get those cleans out of my Ultra.


Thanks man :sunglasses: Yes, the first clean is the AC30TB. I didn’t tweak it at all. The second the update was in, it was just open, sparkly and delicious. It may become my goto clean over the fenders and dumble and lonestar and… oh who am I kidding, I freakin love them all :smile:


Cool, thanks for sharing :thumbsup: