Since people have trouble figuring out clips of real amps vs. the AxeFx, I’m suspecting that any clips of the new model won’t be anything revolutionary. It’ll be interesting to see what users do with the extra power eventually but I think it’s going to take someone really creative to effectively demonstrate why someone with an Ultra would really need to step up one. I still believe that I’ll eventually get the II but it’s pretty much for the reason of getting the latest tech.



Souds like a regular axe. Be neat to see what they can do with it. There was one stereo phsaing effect that sounded kinda neat.


I liked the Friedman :thumbsup:


Maybe Ill trade something to George for his Axe-fx so he can buy a new one :grin:


I just put myself on the waiting list. I figure if I put away $50.00 a month until my name comes up, I should be able to save up enough to buy 2! :smile:

Seriously though, the clips that I am hearing are damn good. :sunglasses:


People are going batshit trying to get one.


Yeah, I don’t get it?

The only people I feel bad for are the ones who have been waiting for an Ultra and now will probably have to wait even longer for the Axe II.

The one business decision I don’t get from Cliff is why not take orders with a down payment, guaranteeing you are in Que for an approximate delivery date? He must know how many units he can comfortably produce a week?


Funny thing is I was just on vacation in Virginia and happened to go the fractal forum about 50 minutes after they posted there would be a wait list. I sent an e-mail right away. Some people have been spending too much time trying to get them from the store. :rofl:


When did the wait list start?


Sunday like at 9:00 AM EST I think.


I responded to Cliff’s request for players to help demo the unit at the NJ amp show. I went up and spent all day Saturday with Cliff and Matt. Cliff was a gracious host and bought me lunch, paid for my gas and gave me a few shirts. Talking to Cliff about the II is like talking to a kid who just got a new bike. After taking it for a spin myself, the new features are seriously killer. I really want one, but I’m going to wait until the mayhem settles down a bit. While talking with him, he sounded agitated knowing that no matter how he handled things, some people were going to be pissed off. He was right. I won’t go so far as to say he’s handled everything perfectly, but some people on the forum have completely lost their mind. They didn’t even know the product existed before the countdown, and now act like they will die if they don’t have it this afternoon :fearful:


You lucky basterd… :grin:

So how was it? Much improved?


[quote=“AngryBert, post:33, topic:5574”]You lucky basterd… :grin:

So how was it? Much improved?[/quote]

Lucky indeed :grin:

The improved features are really what I found attractive. The X/Y feature will be huge. The improvements to cabs (naming, depth, EQ etc). Cliff said the USB transmits data about 4X faster than midi cables. Also, the ABCD knobs will be a huge time saver if you primarily use the unit face for tweaking (like me). To be able to adjust 5 parameters at once without paging around is great. The ABCD knobs scroll as well. IOW, if you have the first param selected, ABCD control 2,3,4,5 parameters. If you arrow and select parameter 3, ABCD now control 4,5,6,7 etc. Pretty cool.

As for sound? It sounded great. But my standard sounds great too :smile:. Really difficult to make a fair comparison since it was using different speakers than I’m used to, in a small hotel room. I’d like to make a true A/B before forming an opinion on tone.


Glad to hear you weren’t blown away by the sound improvements.




And I’d tell Mike Young that he’s using too much delay too. :smile:


That was a pretty good Eric Johnson tone :thumbsup: I don’t think he had too much delay, at least not on the leads. It got a little cluttered sounding with the riffs/chords, though.



Sheesh…he makes Rainman look like “subtlety personified”

“He used so much delay, we didn’t hear the notes til next Tuesday”