Axe-Fx III announced!


I want one…


Looks amazing.


Hey how is this Bert? Finally got an invite, but on the fence. Mostly looking at getting it for amp tones if it were a huge jump over the original standard.


Over the original AxeFX I? Or II?

Over the AxeFX I, yeah it’s a huuuuuuuge jump IMHO.

Over the AxeFX II with the latest firmware, minimal in the amp sound department.


Thanks, I’ll check it out. I can’t see how it would be a huuuuuuuge jump based on how good it already sounds, so now I’m excited.


The thing about the Axe-Fx III is all about refinement and additions.

Tri-chorus Algo

  • It is my go to chorus sound, without even tweaking it sounds like you expect a great chorus to sound. Here’s an example:

Channels + Scenes

  • Most of the blocks now have support for 4 channels of settings.
  • When combined with “Scenes”, you can cover a lot of ground with just one preset.
  • Scenes can have names now - so it’s kinda like mini-presets within a preset.
  • For example, I did the following with one preset (no mixing in DAW, just straight from the Axe-Fx III) by changing channels of a couple of synth blocks to get different chords
  • I programmed a switch in my pedal board to map to “Scene increment”, so I’m just press that switch to change the synth chords, while I play guitar.

  • Or check out how Cooper uses the “Petrucci Rig” preset he created (it’s part of the default presets) to play Pull me Under:

Cab block
There’s 2048 + old Axe-FX II IRs built into this thing, along with 4 slots so you can mix them. I haven’t even loaded any of the external IRs I own, I can get this bombastic metal sound with the built in ones:

Amp block

  • The feel is improved, the low end seems slightly refined as well.
  • Nice additions are the Input EQ tab, so you don’t need to use a filter block in front of the amp to shape the incoming guitar sound
  • The built in amp boost now includes a boost type, which has some of the most popular boost types like T808, super OD, etc - so you can save one drive pedal block in front of the amp


  • Sounds slightly improved - still not true stereo like their Plugin but it sounds fantastic
  • Recent firmware update added a new Spring reverb algo - more faithful simulation of a spring reverb box found in an amp

Noise Gate

  • The noise gate now filters out EMI noise similar to Rocktron HUSH. It does wonders for my setup, it will not eliminate completely and I still have to a find a spot where EMI is reduced but the result is a way quieter guitar signal coming into the amp block.


  • Much better USB implementation. 8 in, 8 out. I can now bring in my 3 mics, and record them simultaneously without mixing them.
  • Axe-Edit III is way faster now - and it shows the changes in realtime as you edit in the front panel as well - much more refined.
  • Axe-Edit III is still in beta, but it’s very complete today


  • 5 mins+, instead of the 15 seconds stereo with undo on the II… what else can I say?
  • It’s still fairly basic, or maybe I’m just not good at the looper, but I’d like to have a verse/chorus switch.
  • In the latest beta firmware, you can set the looper to start on a pre-set threshold when you play

Screen and UI

  • Initially it doesn’t seem like a big deal but once I went back to the II (to recreate some of my old patches) the difference is night and day.
  • Really crisp screen, nice font selection. The best touches are the tuner bar always in the top of the screen.
  • Another nice touch, when you zoom out when editing a preset you get the meter graph which is nice to even out preset volumes. You get this same graph in real time in Axe-Edit III!


  • Much improved I would say, way way smoother. The increased resolution of the screen is probably why it’s much better than before.


  • There’s a new “Stereoizer” algorithm included in a recent update to my ears is way better than the “Modern” algo. Super usable.

Here’s some other clips I’ve recorded:

And here’s another dude’s tutorial on tweaking the Recto, but this last chunk of the video has a nice agressive bluesy sound:


Sounds awesome! Thumbs up for the Zappa riff!


1.19 Beta was released last week

Fractal improved the pitch shifter lowering the latency and minimizing the artifacts - it’s remarkably stable with full chords - here’s a quick demo I did - a standard tuned guitar, shifted down by 5 semitones (so like a 7 string low range)


BTW, The Axe-FX III is on sale for $2250:


Sounds Petrucci-y :sunglasses: