AxeFx and Effects loops


Since we’re going to do a couple of tunes (Creep, Whiskey in a Jar) that require effects, I’ve decided to give the AxeFx another try. It sounded like ass through my Mark V with all sorts of volume and muddiness. I went through different configurations in the I/O menu without any luck.
As my Mark V is set up in my basement for band practice, I pulled the 5150 III out to my normal play area. After plugging the AxeFx in, it sounded as it should… Perfect! Now I’m wondering if it’s just a difference in loop designs that’s causing this or not as the Mark V’s loop sounds great with any effects that I throw in there. It just doesn’t like the AxeFx. Maybe my loop has an issue?
Since I’m going to stick with the AxeFx instead of pedals, I’m going to use the 5150 with the band now. It sounds frikkin’ awesome anyway so that’s not an issue. 84 lbs will eventually split a nut sack though. :fearful:


Yeah something is not right. Doesn’t Petrucci use Axe-FX’s for his effects now with his Mark V?

Why don’t you contact Fractal? They may shed a light on the issue.


I remember Petrucci not wanting to use the Ultra up front because of some issue. I think the AxeFxII resolved it. :neutral_face:
After more experimenting through the 5150, there really isn’t a bad setting. I’ll just leave it as that.


You should bring all your amps to your gigs just to freak your neighbors out :smile:


I wouldn’t have any energy left to play. Them beasts be heavy! :skull_and_crossbones: