AxeFx U2 tutorials


We’re covering a U2 tune and my shimmer effect was kind of wonky so I looked this up. So far, everything that I’ve applied works great! Whether you like U2 or not, the sounds that I’m getting are pretty inspiring.


What song are you doing?


With or Without You. Whenever we come back from breaks we always do impromptu jams. My bassist just started playing WoWY and I joined in. I never thought much about that tune but it sounds pretty good live, especially when the drums kick in.
With this guy’s tutorials, I got my sound pretty close to the cd although there’s more tweaking to do. The nice thing about doing covers is all of the learning that’s involved.


Do you use an E-bow for that or is there an effect in the Axefx that mimics it? So much U2 stuff hinges on effects. People talk a lot of shit about Edge, but I appreciate his ability to incorporate a lot of interesting sounds into mostly coherent Pop songs.


I’m using an E-Bow. Anything other than that or a sustainer would sound artificial. If I had a sustainer I’d prefer to use that instead.

The way that he uses effects is really brilliant. It’s really a learning experience building these patches as I have delays in front and in the loop, all set up differently. Even the modulation types within the delays vary.
Where I needed help was with the shimmer effect. I used a crystals effect and was getting all sorts of delay and artifact sounds whereas I was supposed to use a multitap delay. That’s something that I would have never guessed.

So now I kick on the delays, get some fast picking sounds, then use my expression pedal to blend in some sustained upper notes. It sounds huge with just my guitar but with the band it makes goosebumps.


Oh yeah, I can do a lot of his effects with the Flashback but I’d need another one to do it properly. I’m not crazy about it’s footswitch. Sometimes I try to step on it and it either I don’t step hard enough or I kick the knobs. :neutral_face: