Battlefield 1


I like the look


Played the beta, it’s another horrible move backwards (both chronologically and gameplay) :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


Really? What didn’t you like?


I have been playing Battlefield since BF2, and each version gave the game play a boost forward (with the exception of commanders, BF2 was the best commander gameplay).

The good.

I really like the new unlock system. You can buy different items, etc., using money you’ve earned playing the game. Not sure how it will play out in a large scale, but with the limited options in the beta, it seems to work.

Personally, I think this is horrible, but it’s probably a good thing for beginner players as well as older players.

The bad

I can’t believe I’m saying (typing) this, but I think I actually miss Battlelog. I don’t miss all that fake facebook nonsense, but I do miss knowing if there is anyone I want to play with on, before loading the game.

AA can pretty much cover the entire map. Of course this will probably be nerfed at some later date, but right now, the AA is incredibly overpowered. With an AA post that’s covering a tank from bombing runs (see below) you’re pretty much indestructible…

The friend or foe icons are incredibly small. This is a very bad thing. You basically have to shoot at someone to see if you’re doing damage.

The days of keeping the heat on an opponent by grabbing a fast vehicle are long gone. This means that you can go to the bathroom after a wave of opposition is killed trying to take a flag. It will be a long process for them to get back to the area.

Anti tank rounds, that damage tanks, do very little damage if used against infantry. You can throw an anti-tank bomb into a crowd and most people will sustain no damage at all.

The ugly

Where BF4 had ridiculous pickup weapons, BF1 has armor. All you have to do is camp some armor away from the objective, and you can wipe anybody out. The only way to destroy it is with another tank, or a bombing run. Anti-tank is useless in this situation. As an anti-tank, you need to be within throwing distance, and the dynamite is just like C4. If the tank is away from the objective, it’s not throwing distance, thus useless.

Comparison to BF4

There is no comparison. BF4 was fast paced. This is incredibly slow paced. One comparison that I can think of is it’s similar to going back and trying to play a few rounds of BF2. BF2 was a great game. The gameplay overall was better than 3 or 4, especially with the commander. But you simply can’t go back and enjoy BF2 the way you originally did.
If you’re looking for an equivalent in sports: BF4 = NHL Hockey, and BF1 = Soccer. Just kick the ball down the other end, and grab a sandwich before they make it back to your area.

I’ll continue playing it until they shut it down, in hopes that something will turn me around on my thought of this game


The Multiplayer Beta looked buggy as hell, and the desert map looked pretty sparse. I’m in it for the campaign this time, which looks pretty robust


Sounds like Battlefield 4 all over again.


After the realization that most of the BF4 gaming world has moved on to BF1, I went ahead and bought the game. I’ve played every Battlefield game since BF2, and I’ve been really trying to give this game a fair chance to grow on me. Tomorrow will be 2 week mark, and I am not alone in saying this game bites a big dick. The action is unbelievably slow and tedious.

As a test, some fellow gamers that I have been playing with since BF2 days, were playing BF1 last night, and every single person said it’s a giant step backwards. The tone in teamspeak was really grim. Nobody was really having fun. We played for about an hour, and I simply couldn’t take it anymore. I mentioned that I might need to play a round of BF4, just to get the BF1 stench off me before bed.

We jumped onto a BF4 server, and the difference in gameplay is nothing short of amazing. It wasn’t just that it seemed like an old friend, it was the fact that the gameplay was fast and took lightning reflexes.

One of the guys summed it up perfectly after a round of BF4: “BF4 is a fun game, BF1 feels like a grind.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Any of your playing either game, hook up on battlelog: lespauled