Bought a new camera


Ive been using the little womans Nikon D70 for about a year for my website projects. The camera works well but my photography skills suck. As a result I spend a lot of time in photoshop. I decided that take a chance on a newer DSLR in the hope that it will take good pictures and make up for my shortcomings automatically.

To that end I bought the Nikon D90 kit. Holy cow this thing blows the D70 out of the water. I wish i didnt buy photoshop last month.


It’s amazing what a difference a good camera makes. :thumbsup: I think Photoshop is one of those programs that’s always good to have around. Although I still don’t know how to use 95% of it, I do use it once in a while. :neutral_face:


Nothing beats a new camera… except maybe more guitars. I’ve been using my cameras for vids lately. But they only have 640 / 30 frame resolution. After watching a lot of HDTV, I think I like that format a wee bit better.

I sure hope your new toy is everything you want. Here are some great picks of your new camera

I have been looking at the Canon Vixia HF S21. I really don’t need it, I’m just a spec freak. :grin:


I was close to jumping ship to a Canon 50D but it was difficult to ignore all the Nikkor lenses the little woman has along with the SB 800 flash.

The controls and such that the D90 has all feels pretty familiar from the get go.

Look out Ichiro Nagata…


My brother has the same camera it’s awesome.

#6 had an awesome price. $1032.00 for the kit


So I spent like $35 to get a Saturday delivery. One problem, I used my work address :oops:

Ill be honest this lens that comes with this camera is very well designed. It might be all you need.

This thing is focusing so quickly Im getting off my shots premature :rofl:


I really wanted a new camera in the worst way. I looked for days, studied all the reviews, specs and user comments. Then I decided what I would want. But wait, as they say in the infomercials. How about working with the files after you saved them?

I would have to get WinXP with Service pack 3 or Vista. The software that works well with the new HD formats would cost about $1,300 - $2,500+. And I would need a whole new computer system to handle the gargantuan files. Hmmmmmmmm.

Bummers. Guess I don’t need it that bad for as much as I would use it. :cry:


If you cut through the BS those Canon Powershot point and shoot cameras kick ass. Great pictures without trying.


That’s what I have and I love it. It’s the first camera that translated pictures to my computer exactly as I’ve seen them. The only shortcoming is the limited zoom.


WOw, this camera exceeds the abilities of both my monitor and graphics card in terms of display resolution. here is a cool picture though, you can zoom in and see she has her nose pierced.

Drew, do you have any photos up with this yet?


[quote=“grathan, post:17, topic:4634”]WOw, this camera exceeds the abilities of both my monitor and graphics card in terms of display resolution. here is a cool picture though, you can zoom in and see she has her nose pierced.

Drew, do you have any photos up with this yet?[/quote]

Nothing appropriate for this site. Ill shoot apicture of a pedal or something tonight or tomorrow.

Ive been mostly getting to know this thing. The depth of its controls is well beyond the D70. Additionally the best pictures Ive taken so far have been by accident. Nothing like a 12 megapixel image to show you how dirty your walls are :slight_smile:


Cool do one from a slight distance in poor lighting in comparison to a closeup… and maybe one showing the saturation levels :popcorn:.


Well no time for requests atm. Need to pay the bills. Give me some time.

Im working with small parts tonight that I need to get on the web. I didnt set the fstop so the dof is a little off but heres some stuff ready for the web resized and compressed and they arent too bad.

I accidentally took a picture of a slave flash. That was pretty neat


that is nice, I’m not sure that i can tell the difference between 800 pixels or over 4000.


Images taken in RAW are stunning


Heres a straight jpg, shrunken and cropped


I wonder if that is blurry on the left side where the screws are.


BTW, this camera is starting to exhibit some glitches that others are reporting.

The first is an error “F–” - camera will not function. Its a known issue regarding the contacts on the lens and the body. They make poor contact and the body thinks theres no lens. Usually a little jiggle get it going. Once I had to unlock and lock the lens. Most users report it going away over time.

The second error has only happened once. The display will read “Cha” Removing and reinserting the memory card clears that up.

Not real happy about this but a little research says just about any of the newer Nikons can have these problems, not just the D90


Depth of field. Im setting everthing manually. The part was actually at a slight angle when the picture was taken.