Carvin Audio going under


They are having a liquidation sale:

It looks like after the split of audio and guitars they didn’t do so good…

I wonder what Vai will switch to now…



Well that sux… I think Vai was always a Bogner guy


Maybe he’ll go full Axe-Fx now. The dude that did all the effects for the Passion and Warfare tour did an awesome job. I’m sure Vai can get Matt and Fractal company to dial his legacy rig for him.



Maybe he’ll go full KEMPER now


I think those who can turn it up will stay with tubes for now. Jmho. For recording or quieter situations, maybe digital.


I dunno, There’s a quite a few bands, Including Metallica that have gone full Axe-FX for live concerts.


Arenas are another place to use them because of the amount of volume and in-ear pieces. You won’t really hear or feel an amp in those settings.


I’m not knocking digital. It has it’s place and sounds great. I just know what I prefer at certain volumes.


I thought you were acoustic now, anyway


The irony of this happening, coincides with me finding a Carvin Legacy 3 Red profile that I’ve been playing for the past week. It’s an incredible profile. But it got me thinking about how important profiles are. Even though, eventually, the Carvins will fade away, the profiles are digital representations, and maybe some time in the future, somebody will come out with remakes of all the amps that have gone the way of the dodo bird.


I wonder why they split in the first place… family fight?

It looks like with all the new guitar design direction from Jeff kiesel they’ve really grown their guitar business.


I’m all acoustic for performances but I still love to scare my neighbors when I’m not playing in my band. :slight_smile:


My local GC has a bunch of used Carvins on the rack. They’ve been sitting there for a few months now. I know that they’re good guitars but nothing compels me to reach up and try them.


Carvin or Kiesels?

I think the new Kiesels and options has certainly reinvigorated their business.




I watched that longer than any other “Tone King” video. I made it to 3:30.

My absolute most hated gear reviewer. The guy just never shuts up, and when he finally does play something it’s always sloppy, directionless noodling. And he manages to make every guitar and amp sound terrible. ughh


Hahahaha… yeah the only things I’ve watched of his is the Carvin Factory tour and the video above.


So it looks like it’s not quite dead… CarvinAudio will mostly focus on pedals now: