Celestion LynchBack


I’ve been thinking of getting a LynchBack for a while now, but never pulled the plug on one. It’s in the family of the Vintage 30, but is voiced differently.

Recently, Celestion announced that they are discontinuing the LynchBack speaker. I figured I’d jump on one before they become hard to find. I ordered one from Reverb, and it arrived yesterday. I installed it, and was amazed at how it sounded different, but complimented the Vintage 30 perfectly. A lot more mids fly out of it, and it also seems to have even tighter low end.

So far, I am thrilled with it. I’ll start profiling it over the weekend, and will post a comparison, both soloed and in a mix.


Nice upgrade amigo. Have fun with it.


I have been testing the LynchBack for the past week. It’s a tale of 2 cities. I am NOT a fan of it by itself, but absolutely love the way it compliments the Vintage 30. So, it stays in the cabinet. But, I would never replace the other Vintage 30 with another one.

I have profiled it by itself about 20 times on the Kemper. When I checked the profiles, I wasn’t overly thrilled, which seemed strange, since I loved the sound setup before the profiling. I realized it was that the LynchBack was mic’d by itself on the profiles.

Today, I mic’d both speakers, and mixed them the way I like, and the profiles are just what I wanted. Sweet sounding, with that fullness that I was hearing in the room, where both speakers compliment each other


Cool review amigo.