Chords for "Interstate Love Song"


This tune is deceptively simple but the chords that he uses during the verses always boggled my mind. I saw a thread discussing it at TGP but think some of their chords are wrong based on a live video that I saw. Here’s what I think that he’s playing;


Very cool chord voicings! :sunglasses:

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song (Video)


Hmmm :thinking:

Here’s how I’ve always played it, descending the 1st finger a fret each time, then playing that “D chord moved over with the pinky shape” diminished chord for the Bb one


Here’s a tab that got 5 star ratings across the board.

But I’m pretty sure I played it slightly differently.


Try out the chords that I used and see if they sound right. One reason that I like the 3rd and 4th ones are that they’re easier to play. :oops:


What’s easier to play than a D chord position for the 4th one?

I only hear 3 strings on those verse power chords, 4 at the most


For me, it’s getting one of those first fret strings down. One or the other. Barring the sixth fret and using one finger at the 7th is easier. :neutral_face:


Ahhh, gotcha