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I found on an old cassette tape of solo stuff I recorded, and used a USB cassette player to upload them to the PC . My “loosely based on Parliament-Funkadelic’s” Maggot Brain (I listened to the “Mike Watt/J. Mascis version” a few time before recording it). A seven minute opus of self indulgent, gut wrenching guitar bombast…set to a clip video of abandoned decayed locations.


The video really fits the mood of the song. You might be able to clean up some of the tape hiss in Audacity. It has a really good noise reduction plugin in it.

Nice playing, too, btw :thumbsup:


“Hurt” - Nine Inch Nails, unplugged.


I dug the playing and the vid of the 1st one maggot’s in my brain thing. Very cool.

The 2nd vid really came out well. Unplugged was great, and you nailed that whole Johnny Cash vocal thing.

Dug both of them!!! :sunglasses:


The “Hurt” cover is a masterpiece. :thumbsup: You nailed every aspect of it.


Another old cassette recording

Sweet Jane


I did this shit too, probably somewhat later than these recordings. But, I hooked a Radio Shack mic to my stereo, set the tape on record, and got similar results. Didn’t even need a band.


This is the last video I did, after getting my Telecaster in March of 2016. Put on a Youtube backing track video, no rehearsal, just to run it through some pick-up and gain settings. Looks like I’ll have to do another vid next week now, just picked up a Fender Jazzmaster


Great stuff amigo especially The Red Maryanne Blues. Very nice tone…


Another old one, recorded on the GNX-4. I found a neat old animation clip on Youtube to put it to.


Nice guitar work amigo and the GNX4 had some stellar tones.


Very tasty shit, man! Very tasty!