Crybaby mini


Not sure what I think about this. Seems like it would be hard to use in a live situation.
Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini - NAMM 2015




I’m definitely curious. AMT makes a mini wah and it seems to get good reviews regarding it being usable. My Chi Wah Wah is tiny too but the mechanics are different. As long as it sounds good, extra real estate is always good.


I’ve been borrowing my friend’s Tremonti wah at practice lately. I kinda dig that one, but it’s similar to my Bad Horsie in that the sweep is too abrupt. The thing I like about Crybabies is being able to slowly sweep through it -almost like a phaser set really slow. I wonder if you’d be able to have that kind of control in a pedal this small?


I believe that the throw is the same. I kinda prefer the Vox voicing for wahs though.