D7000 Video


Tuesday I used the Nikon D7000 to record a gun safety video at the club I belong to. I added a Rode VideoMic (mono version). Used a fixed 24mm Nikor lens. Camera was mounted in a tripod. The video was essentially 3 guys at a table talking and handling various objects. Being my old ladies camera I had zero experience with the video. The entire time I had no idea I was actually recording video or that the microphone was recording properly. Nervous as hell.Ended up with about 25 minutes of footage.

I was so sure it would be awful I did not have the nerve to look at the video the same night. Next day i come home from work and get up the nerve. Opened a file, video is shockingly good but no sound, then the next and the next etc, all no sound. Major panic sets in. Then I remembered WMP doesnt work right for me. Downloaded KMPlayer and all is good. Sound is there and of perfect quality and at a proper level.

All in all I was very pleased considering everything was on auto.

The only thing I would do different is turn off the face tracking as it seems to cause slight tone shifts in exposure as it tries to figure out what to watch. Im really nit picking though.