Deus EX - Mankind Divided


Deus EX Mankind Divided

The level design on this game is just fantastic. If you like exploration in games, this game has that in spades.
Another great soundtrack, which really helps set the atmosphere of the game.
I still play stealthy but it’s supposed to support straightforward shooting mechanics too.

The story is the right up my alley, really enjoyed this game - though the “ending” seems more like this was just a piece of a bigger story.


There’s been a couple of DLC’s released since the main game was published…

System Rift:


And a Criminal Past:


I played through both. The first one is a little short but man the level design is top notch.

The second one adds a piece of the story that fills in some the blank of the main game. Level design is still good with all the interconnections within the prison but this mission feels a bit more enclosed.

I recommend both.