Digitech Drop


A couple of weeks ago, I traded my PRS SE 245 for a Kramer Baretta Red/Black Bullseye. I already have a White/Black Bullseye, and the guitar is definitely one of my (and my son’s) favorites. It’s a great guitar, so I jumped at the chance of getting another one. The guitar was in great shape, as well as my PRS, since I hardly ever played it. The guy had a trem-setter and a D-Tuna on the guitar, and he tuned it down a half step. I held off on doing a setup on the guitar, since it was already set up pretty nicely. I started using it to play along with some songs that were tuned down a half step. I found myself playing it more and more. But, I still wanted it to be in standard tuning.

I heard great things about the Digitech Drop, and I started GASing for one. I did all my homework on it, including a ton of YouTube reviews. Now more than ever, I wanted one. I just was unsure of paying close to $200 for one, and eventually not using it. I wondered if it would be a novelty. I found one more than half the price on CL, and I jumped on it.

I have to say that the reviews are spot on with this pedal. Boatloads of fun. There’s even an octave setting, were you can record your guitar as a bass. I put it through the ringer, and ran a bunch of test with it. Hitting the D-Tuna, which puts it into DROP Db, and using the pedal to turn that into Drop C and Drop B. I was amazed how well this pedal sounded. No latency at all, which was one of my concerns.

I am completely in love with this thing. No more having guitars in special tunings. Just turn a knob, and stomp on the button, and you are now in different tuning.

An amazing pedal that will definitely be a fixture on my pedal board for a long time. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


What’s the latency like? That’s always the killer for drop tunings.


I haven’t noticed any latency at all. That was the kicker for me. It’s rock solid.