Digitech Trio


Band in a box pedal from Digitech.


DigiTech® TRIO - Featuring Jason Zerbin


I will be getting one of these, looks like fun, and could be really something when used in conjunction with a looper



Pretty cool but it looks kind of limited. I wonder if it’s programmable. My Boss DR-880 has been a trusty tool for bass and drums so far and I’m waiting for whatever is the next upgrade. Having something like EZ Drummer in a box would be awesome.




Cool idea.

Yeah I just wished the samples were about the same quality as Superior Drummer.


I wonder if it works if you play a riff instead of a chord progression? All the demos are just chord progressions.


Forget about the pedal…check out the playing!



pretty neat if you happen to have a pa nearby. Of course then there would probably be a band nearby. I wonder if they they make something like this for the computer for people without hundreds of pedals, cords, speakers, and a dedicated guitar room.


You don’t “need” a PA, but optimally a second amp would suffice…one for the backing and one for your guitar.

I’m still curious how it would react to some simple riff rock, like “Whole Lotta Love”


AC, what’s your take on the pedal so far?


Putting it mildly, it’s fucking awesome! :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how far tech has come along… What I really like about it is that you can just come up with anything, and then listen to what the Trio kicks out. If you want to hear variations, it’s simple enough to turn the dial and listen to the different ones available.
That’s not just limited to normal variations, you can change the style altogether and then rotate the variations within the style.
Recording separate parts for a song is simple too, so you can slap together an entire tune within minutes. There is a learning curve but not a big one.
The looper is how every looper should be designed. You kick it on and it won’t start until you do. If you want to overdub over a running loop, it won’t start recording until it cycles through to the start, then it automatically records from there.

The only limitations that I’m running into right now are that it shares the amp, so that if you play a dirty rhythm and want to play a dirty lead over it, it can get a bit jumbled sounding. So recording a clean rhythm and using a dirt pedal seems to be my best option.