DIY Movie Poster Acoustic Panels


I made one of these for my son’s room and it came out pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised at the resolution of image on the fabric.

A couple places to save $$ on this vs. what the tutorial says: use pine 1x4 instead of poplar-it costs about 3x less; use the Owens Corning stuff rather than the Roxul linked in the tutorial. Maybe a little less effective, I don’t know. I also altered the width on mine a bit to get the whole thing out of one 10’ board.

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Nice work Tod. Interesting idea also.


Those are cool.
I have so much clutter in my house that the sound doesn’t bounce around because it’s afraid it’ll hurt itself if it does.

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Stop!!! I don’t need another project!!! Must resist!!! But it’s way cool. I can see the first 2 Rainbow albums on my wall as acoustic panels. Must resist.

image image

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