Eleven Rack


My first go round with the unit has been an interesting one. I went through a bunch of user patches, and put a ton of the patches I liked on the 11R. After playing it for a little while, I noticed that I was hearing 2 notes for every note that I hit. The initial note immediately as soon as I hit it, and another note a few milliseconds behind it.

It was driving me crazy. So, I was on a mission to diagnose it.

My current setup is pretty simple:

Eleven Rack -> Focusrite 18i6 box ( via XLR )

Focusrite 18i6 box -> Computer (via USB)

Eleven Rack -> Computer (via USB)

My first thought was that it was the Eleven Rack going into the computer, so I looked at the settings and nothing jumped out at me. So, I unplugged the 11R from the computer and the ghost note was still there.

Next, I thought it was the computer settings for XLR channel of the Focusrite. Each input on the Focusrite has a “Listen to this device” checkbox. If you want to hear it play from the output, you check the box. But, the box was unchecked. Now I was getting a little frustrated with figuring this out.

I then turned off the computer to make sure the computer settings were the cause, and it definitely was the cause.

Next went into the Focusrite Scarlette Mix Control software and played with some settings. Still no solution. I figured I would take a break and walk away from it. After about 5 minutes away from the problem, it hit me. I didn’t look to see if the general output of the Focusrite was set to “Listen to this device”. So, I checked, and of course it was checked. I unchecked it and the problem was solved. I was hearing the zero latency note and the 5 millisecond note from the box to the computer and back.

Now comes the new problem. Since the sounds were essentially doubled, they sounded really fat, so I manually tweaked them to sound good. Now most of them sounded “tinny” because of my changes.

So, now I have to re-check all those original user patches and see how they really sound, now that the doubling is gone. So, I’m back the square one. The patches that I took some much time to tweak are a complete loss. It was a complete waste of time. Maybe not, because I got my feet wet in learning how to make a patch sound good for you. Hopefully, I wont need to tweak the original patches. We’ll see. So far, it’s been a frustrating, but exciting and fun ride.


Maybe you could add a 5ms delay on the patches with a single repeat then adjust the mix to the point where it’s just a subtle thickening.


Learning to tweak a new gizmo is interesting. It is fun and good for the soul. Love the process amigo… :thumbsup:


I almost gave up on it. I Was having an incredibly hard time getting a sound that I really liked. I think it might be more of a case that I’m looking to get a sound similar to a couple of patches that I made for the GNX, but better. I stuck with it for about an hour and a half, and I finally found a formula that I think I like. We’ll see how I feel about those patches later or tomorrow. If I don’t like any of those patches, this thing might go on eBay. We’ll see tomorrow. :neutral_face:




Last night was a turning point. After the last few days, I have been struggling to try and match my old sound. But after really (I mean REALLY) listening to the Sweet & Lynch as well as a couple of Mr Big albums, it became clear that I should stop chasing something that is more than a decade old, and it is a fools errand to chase my tail with trying to match something that I really wouldn’t exist in the real amp world.

So, I kept tweaking and got something close to it, but with much better sound quality. You hear every note, and nothing is muddy, unlike the GNX. Maybe that’s what my problem was; not the 11R, but me :fearful:

I also put the EurekaProm2 in the FCB1010 floorboard, and it was incredibly easy to set up. I’m still stumbling around with the different modes, but this thing is damn nice.

I also found out that there is a 11R patch superpack, similar to the GNX supermodels, where some patch guru puts out a bunch of different patches to match different artists. I checked out the sample pack and it was really interesting. Got some real nice sounds, without any tweaking. The full version will be ordered later in the week.

No more “2 weeks”. :rofl: This thing is a keeper.


I also sent a few bucks via paypal for the super pack of patches, based on 11R forum recommendations. At first, I thought that I just bought something that can be freely downloaded from the site, but that wasn’t the case. Theses are (continually) updated patches that are pretty much like the old GNX supermodels. I spent much of last night going through a ton of patches, and found some really nice ones that are VERY close to that classic Lynch sound. There are even separate patches for his sound on different songs. There is a Mr Scary patch that is damn close.

But these are a double edge sword. Now, if I don’t sound like him, I have nobody to blame but myself. I’m going to turn into that Angriest Guitar Player

The RETURN Of The Angriest Guitar Player In The World!!!


The original

The Angriest Guitar Player In The World!!! CRAZY!


We need a demo! :popcorn: :popcorn: