Ernie Ball Cobalt strings - Huge Deal at Guitar Center (maybe other strings too)


I just called Musicians Friend, and got a price match on a Guitar Center deal on Ernie Ball Cobalt 9s: 10 packs for $37.30

The deal on Guitar Center is buy one, get one free. Then they have a 25% off coupon (SAVE25). Put 5 in your cart, 5 are added, and enter the coupon. 3.73/pack of cobalts is a steal.

This deal may work with other strings also!!! YMMV


I don’t see the deal at GC online


Check here:

look under ADD TO CART button. It says Free Gift


Nice deal, works on cobalt 10’s too, which is what I use.


(fucking 20 character bullshit sucks balls!)


It does?


lol :sunglasses:


Yeah, it really does…I should be able to reply "Nice’, without any further embellishment


Well, GC completely fucked this up, as I fully expected them to. Ordered online, for store pick-up, everything went smoothly, said strings were in stock at my location. After a day there was no confirmation to pick them up, so I called. A woman said it can take 24 hours to process the order (oh, okay). Waited another day, and called again (I could smell a fuck-up in the works). Another woman said “it can take 48 hours to process”. I said “it’s only 10 packs of strings, they’re in stock”…she told me she would call and get them released. She came back on the phone and said I had only paid a partial of the $10 each price. Explained the buy 5 get 5, and the 25% discount. She came back again and told me the whole order was fucked up, but I could pick up 5 sets at the store (for the $3 price) and she would mail 5 sets to my house for free. All’s well that ends well I guess