Escape From The Sky


My dirty filthy new band!

If you’re on RN link me up! :sunglasses:




Face Meltingly Good!


Brewtal!!! :metal: I love the new sound. :thumbsup:


404 error on my end. I’ll try later. Looking forward to it.


Cheers lads… we do have a page on the facebook with download links. all is going well \m/


Here is a really shitty vid I just made… ooer
The Lost Signal


I think the video looks pretty cool


That’s got to be the most brutal tune that I’ve heard from you yet. :metal:


Heh, it’s probably the less brootz we have done. Cheers!


Band is very tight. Drum and bass work well together, and guitar playing is pretty damn good.


Enjoyable, but the vocals don’t seem to sit well in the mix. (when compared to massive budget commercial mixes((yet the instruments do))), though it could just be the mic/preamp.


Pretty cool :thumbsup: I thought the video looked good.


Cheers lads… all the tunes have been recorded in my little man cave. Like zero budget.

But lots of beer and Jack Daniels!


Here’s to beer and Jack Daniels!! :smile: