EZ Drummer 2



I just installed the upgrade and am having some fun with this program. It’s definitely different than the first version which I love. I thought I could just re-run my drum tracks through it but there’s enough change that I have to go back in and re-adjust everything from velocities to target percussion. All of the kits sound different too so it looks like I’ll have to re-build a kit to my specs.
One thing that I really like a lot about it is that I can go to the percussion menu and hear what the sample will sound like immediately. In the old version, I had to wait for it to load first.
It’s set up so that you can go right in and create a tune. I can’t wait to start recording again.


Do you know if it can import Superior Drummer 2 packs?

The thing that I struggle with is having to build drum tracks in midi piano roll thingies…I hate doing that…This looks like it would help in that regard.


Yeah, I’ve been watching the teaser videos for this. I wondered if it would be worth the upgrade.

Any idea how it works with expansion packs?


I have no idea how it will integrate with Superior. Did you check to see if there’s updates to Superior? I noticed that all of my expansion and midi packs have updates.

All of my expansions work fine. There’s updates that help to catalog what’s available within. Writing an original track is fast and easy with the new setup. You pretty much click and drag into a bar within the program. It’s easy to sample midi tracks as well as percussion samples.

The new kits have more sounds and percussion available. That’s a nice plus. I honestly don’t see a need for any expansions unless you’re going for something off the wall like the Latin Percussion or Twisted kits.

There’s a lot of options within that I have to learn but most of it is pretty intuitive. I’m really happy with it.


So simple… somebody said just create the midi track EZ2 and render it with Superior 2. Now if Toontrack could just offer a discount incentive for SD2 owners I would get this right away.

The tap to find actually looks really useful to me.


I’m sure it’s coming. It’s such a great program but a lot of my old midi files need to be tweaked to accommodate the new programming. Creating new drum tracks happens fast with EZD2!