Firmware 11 Beta available


I did a reamp through V10 and V11. There’s definitively been a change, specially the way things “thunk”. Subtle improvement.

Looks like Cliff has nailed Van Halen pretty good with this new beta firmware:


I guess the subtlety of the improvements depends on the amp model, because the Atomica sounds excellent. There’s this thunk in high gain that’s really satisfying.

Hey Rob, have you given v11 a spin yet?


Here’s how the Atomic High sounds in the Axe-FX II I’m having a blast with it :thumbsup:


Excellent! I love the string definition with chords and the woody mid-range. :thumbsup:


Definitely a great sounding amp :sunglasses:


What amp is it based on?


Cameron Atomica


Never heard of it but it sounds nice. What speakers?


I’m using an built-in impulse response of a 4x12 with G12H 30 watt speakers