Firmware 6 available


I gave it a spin yesterday with the Schecter w/ EMGs…Sounds great :thumbsup:

Bank C had a great petrucci rhythm sound, I jammed on that patch for a while :thumbsup:


I loaded it up, but I’m struggling with it a bit. Nothing sounds right. I’m going to try the system reset tonight like folks are suggesting. For me, everything sounds mid-rangey in a bad way - low end seems to have disappeared, sustain is gone. I’ve made adjustments that should normally fix this, but it still sounds really midy. :neutral_face:


Yeah I did a system reset before I even auditioned anything. Creating a patch from scratch with the Euro uber was fine. Sounded great.

I haven’t uploaded my previous patches to it though…they probably sound all different now…


I’m gonna update this weekend. I’m looking forward to this one. The sample clips sound pretty fantastic!