Firmware V10 is out!


V10 firmware:


Axe-Edit 1.9:

V10 banks:

The Axe-fx forum is going bananas over it…

I haven’t played around too much with it yet. I started a patch from stratch using one of my favs the Uberschall amp.

The low end chunk on the palm mutes seems way better to me.

Here’s an example (sorry for the guitar center-esque crap):


Yeah man! I’ve been messing with it since, oh about 27 seconds after it came out :smile:. This update took more tweaking to get things back to normal than most other updates for me. But it was worth it. Sounded great with the band yesterday and even better today now that I’ve tweaked some more. Also, having edit back, I’ve finally taken advantage of scenes. I just didn’t have the patience to do it with the front panel (even though it’s my friend yada yada).


Have you tried the plexi 100 w? So many amps to try too little time :frowning:


Yes, I have it as the Y amp on my Hendrix preset