Fishman Loudbox Mini


Just got my first acoustic amp! Never thought I’d buy one but I guess it’s a necessity. The Loudbox Mini came highly recommended and it’s way cheaper than anything with tubes so I jumped at it. A nice extra is that it doubles as a vocal p.a.

People told me that it’s good for small to medium venues. 60 watts solid state, I kinda have my doubts. This amp is tiny! The big speaker is 6" It does have an xlr out for p.a.s. I’ll find out soon enough though.

The sound is excellent! Not sure how to describe it other than it’s like my acoustic guitars but louder. A lot has to do with my pickups as well. It comes with built in digital reverb and chorus. I don’t use any effects.


Way cool amigo, today’s speakers are worlds above the old ones in tone even in mini sizes. Good choice.


Thanks DBM! It doesn’t have tubes, is all about clean headroom, and has 6" speakers… What’s the matter with me?!? Hahahaha


If you’re not careful you’ll end up playing jazz at the rate you’re going :smile:


Damn, ouch! Hahahahaha. I just plugged my Traveler guitar in there for shitz n grins. It really sounds nice! I got the acoustic model. Next rehearsal, I’m gonna use it.


Damn, you can’t escape G.A.S even with acoustics.

I would prefer an active FRFR speaker though - like an Atomic CLR but you can’t beat the price of the Fishman.


I have no idea about amping an acoustic. This is all new to me and the Fishman is what was recommended. No regrets though. It really sounds great and does double duty as a vocal p.a. I can see doing a gig at a small place with just this amp.