Friedman BE-OD Pedal


Today, I put the Friedman BE-OD pedal through a real test.

The train was very simple: Friedman BE-OD pedal => Quilter MicroBlock => Crate Blue Voodoo 412ST cabinet. With the pedal off, I got a nice clean sound, loud AF though. Then I engaged the BE-OD pedal, and made a few tweaks, and it sounded like an incredibly expensive rig.

I had several neighbors come outside to see who was making all that racket. My next door neighbor was painting some doors by his deck. When I told him that it was just a pedal that’s making that sound, he was stunned. It cleaned up great when turning down the volume knob on the guitar. Just an incredible sound.

I was able to get the Van Halen sound, the Dokken sound (very close), and a great Hair Metal sound with very minor tweaks on the pedal knobs.

I had a blast playing with this setup for more than an hour. At more than 112 (constant) decibels, I expected the cops to show up :slight_smile:

I can’t recommend this pedal high enough. It’s a fantastic pedal.


Cool, I am looking at the Friedman Motor City Drive meeself. I will pull the trigger on that one as soon as my Hot Rod Deluxe sells.