Friedman Small Box 50


I f’in want this amp! :grin:


I remember this coming up in the Axe-Fx forum


I never had luck with full range speakers to embrace digital fully. Plus I just love amps. :grin:


I couldn’t resist and traded in my Event Horizon for this amp. No regrets. It’s simple, sounds incredible, and the wattage is appropriate. Can’t wait to play out with it! :thumbsup:


What speakers are you using with the Smallbox? V30’s?


I’m using my Bogner OS212 cab that came with 2 V30s but I swapped one out for a Creamback 65. It’s much more balanced now. The V30s sound great and have more bottom end whereas the Creamback has a bit more of the higher end clarity. They compliment each other very well.


The creamback is a Celestion G12M-65 ?


Yep, but if I could go back, I think I’d get the 75 for a bit more top end


The G12H-75 ?


Yeah… I had the 65 from my Spawn cab. Also, I’d get the Scumback version as I think they sound sweeter


Are you getting this amp or are you looking for IRs?


Trying to get this a whirl on the Axe-Fx :blush:


Oooh, nice! Samples?