GarageBand 10


I’ve been recording again and Reaper was driving me nuts so I tried the new GB. Now that I figured out how to redo midi files in it the program has been an absolute joy to use. Since all of my recording is with the AxeFx, EZ Drummer, and mics, I want a relatively simple interface. If I need to use a plugin, it’s usually something simple like reverb or an eq. Any other bells and whistles are unnecessary.
Considering that GB is free now, I think it’s tough to beat. The premium sound downloads and loops are useless to me.


Did you see EZDrummer 2 is coming out in May?


[quote=“BasTod, post:2, topic:7237”]Did you see EZDrummer 2 is coming out in May?[/quote]

I didn’t know. It’s really the only software that I like so I’ll check it out. The current version is perfect as is so I’ll need a big improvement to dive in with 2.