Gary Moore - The Loner Backing Track


I converted the track here to mp3:

Download as MP3

My version of Gary Moore's - The Loner

Gracias amigo. Got’er down, you oldies but baddies just might get me interested in recording again. I have not touched my DAW in 2 years, but I might have to rehearse that one and do my take on it. I will chop off the long string intro to the drum intro. Then lay my licks on top of that. And record my Tweaker 15 watt head through my EVM12 L And terrorize the computer with my melodic (I hope) noises… (of course Gary might turn over in his grave if he gets to hear it)


Geez I tried to load on the Dropbox app and it froze my HP laptop now it is doing a system restore which seems to be taking forever. I am using my old Dell XP home laptop to try and let folks know.


You can just try opening in a browser, and hit the download button the top right corner.


Oh I got the file but it wanted me to load on some kind of app which I tried to do. Windows just loaded on the HP so maybe no harm done.


Aaahhh the joys of Windows…


It seems to be working I will run Avast and Malwarebytes just as a precaution. It seems OK just a little sluggish which is common after I screw things up and restart by forcing a shut down. Anyways it seems to be back at where it was before the freeze up. Still I thank you for the file amigo. I am off to Walmart with the wifey shopping .


By the way I had the old Guitar Logic link on my Dell and it did lead me here. I just had to sign in and fortunately I remembered my password.


Cool, DNS records are working gooood. :slight_smile:


No more problems so far. Probably the Avast anti virus hiccuped the thing when I tried to install the Dropbox app. So far so good…


Very cool! Good to see you guys are still around.