Gassin Bad


I want to get a new SG real bad. I’ve sold some of my lesser guitars and effects and have $1,000 so far. I’ve got my VG Strat on Craig’s and Marketplace, but only nibbles so far, and will be putting up my 100th Anniversary SG soon (the neck is too wide for me, among other things I want to trade up for)
The new SG must have a bound neck (I like the way they feel)
24 Frets (I am most used to 24 from my PRS)
I would prefer P-90’s, but I can always slap one in if need be.
It can’t be brown, or yellow, or orange…not fond of those color guitars

I’ve been searching all the usual spots, Reverb, Craig’s, Ebay, Guitar Center, and have a few I’m “watching”. The models that sport 24 frets are: 50th Anniversary 2011, Supreme, Supra and some Diablos.
Any other shopping suggestions?


Back in the day Epiphone made an SG with only one volume control and one tone control nearer the bridge pup for those volume swells, and a 5 position switch. I think it had HSH pup configuration and 24 frets.


Sweetwater has a used gear marketplace. You might check there. It might be hard to find such a specific guitar, though.


First, I am a snob…no Epiphones. Sweetwater had next to nothing
BUT I found one on Ebay and pulled the trigger (2014 Gibson SG Standard Exclusive Run 24 fret - Heritage Cherry w/ OHSC). It has a mini-bucker in the neck position, with push pull knobs, which might substitute nicely for the P-90’s.
Now to sell the old one!


What’s the bridge pickup? I don’t see any pole pieces, just a solid cover.


57 Classic Humbucker


Good luck with it amigo. I hope you get years of playing enjoyment from that guitar.


Cool !!!


Got her yesterday, in perfect condition (I swear this guitar is like brand new). The Firebird Mini-bucker sounds awesome, and it does make up for the lack of a P-90, plus the push / pull single coil tones have a great clarity. I haven’t put it down since yesterday.


Excellent news