Got an Eleven Rack


So far not impressed. Still not sure if I’ll keep it or not.

On a positive note…Gearfest was pretty cool. I saw Yngwie, Doyle Branhall II, and a guy I’d heard of but never really checked out his music-Michael Lee Firkins. He was noodling around, playing some songs in the Headrush tent, then jammed with the band on the main stage later on. He was one of the highlights of the show.

Oh, Nita Strauss(Alice Cooper) and Nick Bowcott (Grim Reaper) did a tribute to Vinnie Paul.


Eleven Rack went back to Sweetwater. I was pretty disappointed with it. Maybe my expectations were too high.
It really wasn’t even an upgrade from PodFarm, in fact the effects were worse. Oh well.


Dude, I didn’t see your post until today. I would have hooked you up with a premium pack since I no longer have the 11R.

The stock presets, etc. really suck. The 11R has incredible power to get any sound you want, but you either need to tinker, or use the premium pack to have a great starting point.


Yeah, I messed around with it all week. I heard a lot of demos that I thought sounded pretty good, but when I tried their patches they didn’t even sound close to me. Tried a bunch of stuff from the 11R forums. There were some that were OK but just didn’t wow me. There were often a lot of digital artifacts/ weird clipping sounds that I didn’t like. Not the notorious FIZZ, but some weird clipping. I couldn’t trace it down. It was in the initial attack, then it would come back as the note decayed. Drove me nuts. The highs were always too brittle, too, unless I dialed it out with EQ, then it was muddy.

I never could get a delay sound that I liked, either. The tape delay would clip and the memory man delay was either to loud or too quiet, it was irritating.

I tried different guitars, different headphones, speakers etc. I just wasn’t satisfied with it. It really shouldn’t be that hard. Plenty of ways to get terrible sounds on it, but it apparently takes the patience of Job to get something usable.

If I plug into a friend’s Deluxe Reverb it’s gonna sound like a Deluxe Reverb-I wouldn’t have to add parametric EQs pre and post to make it sound right with my guitar. Why can’t they make a modeler like that? Maybe I’ll wait a few years until the Chinese knock off the Kemper and AxeFx :grinning:


So, I gave it another shot. They were blowing them out at $199 around Christmas time and I couldn’t help thinking that I’d been a bit too hasty in my first trial with it.

Ed hooked me up with some premium patches that are pretty good starting points. I’ve downloaded hundreds more from other sources as well. I still have to tweak quite a bit to get stuff that I like, but they’re much better starting points than the stock patches for sure. I’m still learning how to tweak the parametric eq to dial out fizz, but maintain clarity.

One problem that I ran into was that my headphones were hyping up the high frequencies quite a bit. So the fizz frequency range was being boosted making all the patches sound like ass :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I ended up getting some new 'phones with a flatter frequency response and that has helped a lot. Still, I end up not trusting my ears after listening through multiple sources.

I still think the effects suck. It does have a stereo effects loop that I haven’t used yet. That may be a saving grace for effects.

Anyway, for the tl;dr folks…for $199 I think it’s useful, and can get some decent tones. I’ll keep it.

Here’s a patch I came up with for those that don’t even want to read any of that, but want to hear what it does:


Tod I like that tone amigo. Very nice…


Thanks, DBM!


Here’s another quick one. Starting to get a little better at making patches now.


Very nicely done amigo.


Glad you’re getting the hang of it. It’s really a damn good unit, considering it’s been around so long. I’ve always wondered what it would be like turning off the cabinet emulation and trying it with an IR pedal. At that point, it’s basically a HeadRush :slight_smile:

I hope you’re using the software, and not the unit itself. The built in interface is a nightmare.


Yeah, definitely using the software interface. I wouldn’t want to even attempt creating a patch from the front panel :open_mouth:

Thanks again for the patches, Ed. They really helped get a better understanding of how to get good sounds out of this thing.


Glad it helped you. One thing that I learned from the Singtall patches was the way he uses more than one eq. It’s very simple to do, but for some reason I never thought of it before seeing it in practice.