Guitar Hero with Real Guitar


Probably wont sell well


That could be intersting, if presented as a learning tool instead of a game, even better to mix the Game and the learning concept…

Imagine this thing showing you chord inversions up the neck and you having to mimic it…


I’d buy one, but I’d have to do without that crappy blue washburn…


There’s a neat guitar instruction system that incorporates lighted fretboard dots with computer software. As the video plays, dots light up for the scales, chords, or as the tune plays. All this goes on while a video plays. Now if you can’t get someone to teach you, I think this is a step in the right direction.
As far as the Guitar Hero system goes, anything that’ll help learning is a good tool, imo.


Do people even play guitar hero on the pc? Hope they make a demo.


I wonder if this was the inspiration for Rocksmith.


If it weren’t for the lag, this could have been lots of fun.