Guitar Toolkit app


I was starting a project to find all the various chords across the fretboard and figured that there’s probably an app that has the scales mapped out and I could just do a visual check to see where they sat. The Guitar Toolkit app seemed to fit the bill.
The app comes with some handy tools such as a good tuner, metronome, and an interesting take on hearing chords sounded out. If you touch a chord diagram, it’ll play the chord out depending on how long you touch the icon. A fast tap equals a quick strum. Longer touches will have the chord arpeggiated. This is actually a bit more useful for writing than some of the other apps that I have.
Other features are chord charts, scales, and extended arpeggios.
There’s an in-app purchase (I really hate these) that’s useful. You get to write your own chord progressions with it and get some extra drum sounds for the metronome. I haven’t dug in yet but I think you can make limited types of drum tracks with a sequencer.
Other than having a great convenient reference around, I like how I can throw in a bunch of odd chords from jazz progressions and tap them in different orders.
This jazz stuff is big fun. I doubt that I’ll dig in too deep but getting my hands used to a bunch of unfamiliar chords is helping to shake things up.


One of these days I’ll break down and get an iPod. Woot has been blowing them out lately.


It’s a fun option to learn stuff with. Personally I’d rather have an iPad for this stuff but the iPhone is pretty handy. The iPod could do most of what my iPhone does since I’m mostly running it off of wifi.


I’m saving up for a Marshall fridge, even though I’m not really into novelty items :neutral_face:


Hello Kitty guitar in your possession too?




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I’ve been looking for a tuner app that has custom tunings and haven’t been able to find one. Then I dug into this app and found out that it’s in here. All of the popular tunings are included (and then some) and if you don’t find what you want, you can program in your own. :sunglasses:
The advanced metronome is pretty cool too. Kind of like a mini programmable drum machine. There’s also a more traditionally setup metronome in there as well if you want simple. It’s starting to become my most used app.