Guthrie Govan Guitarist


This guy seems to be mentioned a lot in the other forums.


I think ive seen him elsewhere with less hair. Nice playing though


I love that tone. :sunglasses: Who does he play for?


Tone is nice. I recall him from some pedal or amp clips. I have no idea proffesionally who he is.


Tasty…he reminds me of that Derek Trucks kid…


Derek Trucks is another dude that I hear a lot about but am not familiar with. :neutral_face:


I had a kid bring a Govan CD to the Store afew weeks ago…holy crap the tone…


So he’s a solo artist… Looks like he’s using a Cornford amp. :sunglasses:


ha !!! thats where i know him from, and why Im curious about the soon to be released Hellcat Combo


Now there’s a boutique amp that I’d love to own!


The head is $3500 :skull_and_crossbones: :astonished:


You did read that it’s boutique, right? :neutral_face: I’ll put that on my buy list for when I use a roll of hundred dollar bills as Charmin. :thumbsup:


Gurthie is a regular instructor/columnist for Guitar Techniques magazine in UK. He’s actually very versatile.


I have his CD and it’s cool. Different than most forms of Ins Prog and Jazz. I like it since he mixes it up real nice. Some songs are predictable on the cd though. Talent is defin there!


Wow, this dude is in the same category as Malmsteen and Vai. Breathtakingly beautiful cd. He’s got my vote for best guitarist Ever.


Which cd are you referring to? I’d like to check it out. If you heard Malmsteen’s new one, I don’t think you’d be referring to him. :smile:


Is it bad?


He basically recycled his riffs from previous cds. I was really looking forward to this release so I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in it.


there is only one album called Erotic Cakes.


I just checked iTunes and it’s not there. :smiling_imp: