Guthrie Govan Guitarist


No but’s he’s on the Alchemists CD which is on iTunes. Only tune tough is erotic cakes, which is a great tune tough.


I was looking at that compilation. It looks like it could be a kickass guitar cd, but I haven’t heard of 90% of those guys. Is it any good?


There are some good tunes. Most of it is guitar wankering, but it’s good overall.


Erotic Cakes is a f’ing fantastic cd! Lots of tasteful playing, excellent tone, and great compositions. Very listenable, imo.



Yeah buddy! Great album through and through :thumbsup:. He’s not only an outstanding player, but his tones are just delicious :drooling_face:



That’s a pretty neat site. Anyone else want to join up and help sift through for some interesting lessons?


I know I’d join and never get around to using it. :slight_smile: No attention span, whatsoever