Guthrie Govan interview


Someone posted this link at the Fractal Forum. :sunglasses:

Guthrie Govan Guitarist

That guy’s a monster! He does some lessons in that Guitar Techniques mag from U.K. :thumbsup: He’s all over the Cornford amp site, too.


Do you have his cd? Great stuff. He needs to put out another. He’s got so much technique going on in his playing all the time. I love how he uses his volume knob to work dynamics. It’s very expressive and I’m working hard to do the same although I’ve been having to use a volume pedal.


No, I need to check that out. He’s almost like Jeff Beck meets Steve Vai. :astonished:


The dude aint human. Oh sure, he looks fairly human, but no man should be able to play like that. It always cracks me up to see a hippy freak type dude speaking proper Queens English :smile:

I for one hope like everything that he gets around to releasing another CD. Erotic Cakes is great from start to finish IMO.


I’m listening to the CD now :fearful:


He looks like Jesus. I’ve read that he plays out often to very small audiences. Apparently people don’t really want to go out to see guitarists over in the UK.


He should join up with G3 for a tour :thumbsup: He seems pretty content doing what he’s doing, though.

The guy should be a household name. It’s another case of people, at least in the music business, not being rewarded on the virtue of talent. The Hip Hop “artists” somehow get rewarded disproportionately for their efforts, while someone like Guthrie Govan goes along in relative obscurity. Style over substance, I guess. No wonder kids don’t bother learning how to actually play instruments anymore :frowning:


Guthrie is great.

Like everybody said, he needs to make more CD’s!!!


More recent interview:


I saw that! he’s a mind-blowing player for sure.