Hey Old Peeps, we are back!


We are back from the dead…

To log-in into this new forum,:

Oh one more thing…
Post here once you are logged in




Thanks amigo I am in…


Gonna take some getting used to


I’m in…but a little disoriented


Strange but it looks usable, and of course we will get used to the interface. (I hope)


How’s the speed?

Yeah entirely new interface and software. Gone are the days of the LAMP stack (Apache, MySQL and Php).
This is running docker, ruby, nginx and a bunch of other things I don’t quite understand…

But with the new dedicated virtual server and the new forum software we now get:

  • HTTPS by default (so credentials aren’t snooped, better security)
  • Search is much better
  • Embedding videos/soundcloud etc should work better too.
  • Much better reply system with live preview and you can even switch between posts without losing your reply.
  • E-mail notifications should work better too now that I’m using a dedicated email provider.
  • Better mobile support


Speed is OK here…


Wow that is pretty neat. Brushed 1/8" dust off my main electric player yesterday and hooked up rig which got torn apart in a room remodel years ago, ordered some gear from musiciansfriend, and bam, there is an email from GuitarLogic.org


Wow! Major remodeling.


Welcome back man. Do you like what I’ve done with the place? :grin:


I’m still getting used to it. Navigating is different. :slight_smile:


I’m not crazy about the new navigation but I do like how easy it is to upload photos. Once I get used to hopping around, I bet I wouldn’t even notice.


Yeah takes a few days to get used to it - but once you do I actually prefer it now - everything seems more responsive.


It’s definitely quicker and much more convenient for uploads.


Sorry to say for you guys, I’m back.


:wave: Welcome back!

We are not dead yet :slight_smile: