Hitfilm2 Express for free


If you need video editing software, they’re giving away Hitfilm2 Express for a limited time.



I don’t have my PC built yet, but I’m gonna grab this when I do. From what I’ve seen while browsing demos and tutorials, the Ultimate version of Hitfilm really rivals AfterEffects for considerably less $$. Express has fewer features, but might be easier to learn :neutral_face:

Oh, here’s the Ultimate version:

Visual effects in HitFilm 2 Ultimate


Saw that this is available for free, today only.



I need to bookmark that site.


I check it every day, at least 4 times a year I get some great, LEGAL, software from there.


Hitfilm is more difficult to use than the demos make it seem. I spent a while making this cheesy Ken Burns-ish thing:

[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/11rce51/8]View My Video[/URL]

I coulda been more careful with the masking, but I was just trying to figure out how it worked. :neutral_face:

Knowing how to use Gimp helped me out a lot. This should be fun to play around with.



[URL=http://tinypic.com/r/2z8xlx1/8]View My Video[/URL]


Pretty cool


Kinda getting the hang of it. Still a lot to learn, though:

Guitarpcb.com Super White Auto Wah demo.